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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Crystalline Core Meditation Rods

Crystalline Core Energetics

Advancing the limitless expression of human potential as spiritual beings experience themselves on earth.

Each Crystalline Core Meditation/Healing Set contains crystalline energetics which encourage right relationship with love, self and the life you are here to live.

When our relationship with needs, wants and desires are supported by the soul self the truth comes forward. And we become engaged in dynamic pursues stimulated by the ideas that are fed to us by the truth of who we really are.

Energy qualities encouraged through meditation, and connection with crystalline core of the Meditation/Healing Rods ...

optimism – independence -- vitality -- creativity
intuition – clarity – flexibility – tranquility -- calmness
self-worth -- correct use of will
release of restrictive energies
activation and opening of all chakras
cleansing the thought and emotion fields of negativity
clear communication -- awareness
balances yin-yang
understanding change, adaptability
inspires confidence & happiness
strengthens self- love, self-esteem,

self-confidence & supports self-expression
promotes inner calm & connection to inner wisdom
encourages the adventurous spirit
self-nurturing – abundance

The Angels and Ascended Masters work with you through meditation with the Crystalline Core

The Crystalline Core is aligned with
the number sequence 888 – Amplifying all intentions.

The number 888 represents - “The Universe is abundant and generous, and you’ve learned how to step into the shower of its ever-present flow... prosperity is yours, now and in the future.” Quote from Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers Book

Using Your Rods

  • The most practical use of the Meditation/Healing Rods is to sit in quiet meditation while holding them firmly anchored against the palms of the hands. Walking meditation is also wonderful. The effect of each is quite different.
    The crystal vibrations flow energy through the palm chakras and into the entire energy system of the body. The emotional and intellectual fields surrounding and internal to the body become engaged in the soothing energy produced by the interaction of the crystalline properties within the rods.
  • Any energy blockages in your system will respond to the positive energy carried by the crystals and your intention to heal them. Their response may be immediate or may take time to adjust to the presence of a more positive mind set and energetic environment.
  • Cleansing your Rods – many of the crystals are self cleansing and also clear negative energies from the other crystals but you may like to lay them in a dry bed of baking soda and sea salt or use the negative energy cutting method Jacki-Kiri Joka-Ho (Take object in non-dominant hand - Breathe deeply – Cut with dominate hand, palm down move overr the object three times – then hold them and imagine them filling with Divine Love.) It is especially important to cleanse the rods if you allow others to use them.

Order A Set Of Copper Crystalline Core Rods Below!

A set of
Copper Crystalline
Core Rods

A set of
Custom Made
Copper Crystalline
Core Rods


CustomMade Rods are created from the guidance of your higherself with crystals placed in the rods, specific to your soul's needs in this lifetime.

See the Store Page for Guided Meditation CD's

The Journey to the Sacred Self Guided Meditation wascreated as a companion to the Crystalline Core Rods – awakening the Crystalline Core energy within.




Releasing Resistance Guided Meditation works beautifully with the transformational energies of the Rods – as you let go of old ways of being and bring in the new.




Empowered States Awake & Asleep Two wonderful meditation meant to bring the best of you forward as you fall asleep at night - remember your dreams and awake greeting your day with joy.




Letting Go of the Past Calling in the Future Two meditations designed to let the past be a gentle memory and nothing more and manifesting a future that is blessed by soul level desire and destiny unveiled.



All of the sessions, classes and products offered can be effective in promoting health and healing through alternative holistic spiritual means yet may not be sufficient intervention for some health related issues or concerns. Reiki and other holistic alternatives may accelerate healing, please work closely with your physician to monitor your need for medications etc. Information contained in this site is not given or intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The owner(s), developer(s), and maintainer(s) are not engaged in rendering professional or medical advice as an individual you must take responsibility for your own health and life. I retain the right to refuse to teach or provide a session to any client or student if at anytime I believe it is not in my higherst good or their highest good to do so.

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