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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Weaving the Web of Wisdom

Shamanism Basics Workshop

Seats available -- Saturday December 2nd 9:30 - 3 p.m.

95 York St. Dubuque, IA

This is the "Let's Get Started" Shamanism Class.

A great base for all other shaminc work and study.

Includes journeying, drumming, traveling the worlds and revelation.

Multi-shamanic view points incorperated.

Weaving the Web of Wisdom Classes channeled by Colleen Helgerson

Cost $55 Please pre-register / pre-payment required click below to go to payment page. Limited seating. Contact me to hold your spot. 563-599-2823.

In-Person Click here to Go to the Payment page under Events - Workshops



Council of Light Transformation Series
Audio Download
Cost $30.

Golden Light Transformation the Healing of the Inner Sun -

the Spirit Resident within your body and life

Blue Light Transformation now available as a audio download only

Blue Light Healing of Emotion & the waters of the Body and Planet

This is a Channeled Spirit Light Witnessing within ourselves for our own highest outcome for a beautiful future that is our truth. A strenghtening of our spiritual awareness. The new beginning for each of us, as the entire planet shifts into living in a higher level of existence.

Here we prepare for a birthing of a new light energy into our human bodies. This is a natural progression of preparedness for the advancement of metaphysical abilities that have lay dormant. The Grandfathers and Grandmothers of many cultures have told of the returning in the night sky dance. The prophicies of the Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian as well as others carry this expression of a shifting of consciousness.

This is the raising of vibrations while staying grounded and feeling secure. The spirals of sacred geometry and soul/spirit level reality in the quest we find within ourselves as a new cycle of life begins.

$30 Click here to Go to the Payment page under Events - Workshops

Please indicate which Council you are ordering Blue or Golden


ShamanicAkashic Healing

No current dates set

Voices of the Ancestors


Journey Work - Drumming - Chanting

Channeled Wisdom

$30 Click here to Go to the Payment page under Events - Workshops

Through the Voices and Traditions of the Ancestors and Drums -- Together we will learn unique chants, exerience healing and journey through the voices of the drum and sage wisdom to enhance life and deepen spiritual growth. As we are fully supported in the giving away of cares and worries in exchange for peace and positive life interactions toward the goal of moving beyod hollow accomlishments -- building strong foundations of trust and responsibility through connection with the ancient ones - your planetary ancestral heritage.

Seeing yourself through the eyes of soul wisdom.

Life has so many twists and turns - joys and sorrows - it is time to release that which is complicated and bring forward the energies, companions and understandings that spirit has waiting for us, as we look into the everyday joys of being corporeal spirits - finding our way through life on earth with spiritual growth as our healer. We will explore the ability to discharge any undesirable energy, thoughts and emotions as well as bring into being the joy of existence here on earth. We will use energy movement, sound, self-hypnosis breathing techniques and meditation experience throughout our two hours together.


I have been fortunate enough to attend two of Colleen's wonderful workshops (Houston, TX and Fayetteville, AK). Colleen takes me directly back to my Native American roots and my heart opens wide to receive a blessing. I really enjoyed the chants we learned, too. The Journey took me to a deep meditative space. I gained great tools for personal growth. Colleen engenders unconditional love and creates a sacred holy space to learn and become who we are meant to be. I would highly recommend her workshops. Bonnie O'Boyle

Anyone who knows Colleen, who has see her drum, or has heard her chant knows that she is something special. It is a great gift to be able to exerience a session with her. (Glastonbury, England and Bucks County, Penn.) The sentiments derived from a session vary from bone chilling to ecstatic. I felt like I was transported to a time of my ancestors, a time of greater wisdom and knowing and that she brought that to the surface for me to explore. Simply incredible - see for yourself. Bess Smith Strzelecki




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Releasing Resistance Meditation Description

Leave the self-critic behind by clearing away the cause

Together we will connect with your resistant shadow self,
that part of you that sabotages your life, and heal it
as you become a conscious co-creator
with your higher self and Divine Source.

This meditation is all about the patterns and behaviors that we can’t seem to get past ....the responses or actually the reactions that seem to be the negative parts of our personalities. Everything that we are afraid of – everything that we are concerned about –everything that we are afraid that we can not do or be -- is hidden somewhere inside of us. We mask those parts of ourselves, as best we can, so that we don’t have to deal with them. Each time we try to create something that is blocked by a resistance it takes a great deal of effort and often we give up before we are able to complete the project. The parts that we are afraid of show themselves at these times a-nd we feel limited and unable.

Once the resistant part has been healed we find the strength and power and create everything that is good for us.

The Releasing Resistance Meditation is a way of letting go of the past experience and auto responses that are creating the limitations and uneasiness inside of us. Many times we feel weak or fragile, too sensitive to take care of ourselves and our lives. All of the fears seem very real. But don’t have to stay that way. We can change that energy into something else – an energy that lifts us up instead of tearing us down. This guided meditation allows us to face our fears in a very calm way, getting to the underlying cause without being afraid or having to do battle. Feelings or emotions are a subjective reactive states of being, which can vary in strength and intensity. They can be pleasant or unpleasant – overwhelming or engaging. And are usually accompanied by mental (worry – relief) and physical (sweating – blushing) or emotional (agitation – contentment) responses.

The meditation helps us to release Negative emotional responses such as: unease, hesitancy, nervousness, tension, apprehension, and anxiety, arrogance, humiliation, degradation, despair, disappointment, embarrassment, dishonor, remorse, rage, resentment, frustration, envy, disruption, etc.

The meditation helps us to create and empower Positive emotional responses such as: satisfaction, happiness, contentment, pleasure, ease, tenderness, exhilaration, optimism, grace, bravery, courageous, valiant, daring, indomitable, gutsy, spunky, empowerment, trust, delight, zest etc.

Each person’s response to the meditation is very individual, one experience may be very revealing and completely informative another may be a first step in the process of seeing and understanding the difficulties that keep us from being a 100% committed to living a life filled with joy.

The process may be completed in one meditation experience or through on going work. The one step at a time work removes piece by piece the fears we hold as shame, guilt, judgment, blame, anger, self sabotage and automatic negative responses to people, places and situations that remind us of our fear base.

The objective of this work is to change the fear base into a base of strength, inner and outer peace and happiness.

I will be continuing to offer these mediations as well as other classes designed to empower the individual. I also have created guided meditations CD’s that help in many areas.

Releasing Resistance Testimonials

Thanks so much for the releasing resistance event. It was very effective & profound for me. ... Linda

Colleen-- I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Releasing Resistance session I went to. I had a great visualization: while standing by the gate looking at my sad self, she was very old and gray (skin too) and crumpled over. When she broke out of it, it was like an outer shell crumpled and exploded off her and the light came bursting through with the arms out, facing up... the light shot up from the heart and joined with the light coming down from the heavens. It felt so good--peaceful and loving!
Thank you for being you and doing what you do! I love it! Let me know when you'll be offering more sessions in the area... I'll plan on attending! Beth T.

Journey to the Sacred Self Meditation

The way that we understand life is ever changing. As our understanding changes so does our perspective and our availability to allow new experiences. As our world has grown in understanding through scientific discovery and the exami... nation of what we have believed to be true, and hoped to be true, so have we been willing to expand our views of spirituality. We are no longer limited to the ideas and views we were born into, we have an entire planet wide collective view from which to draw as we each create for...ourselves an individually perfect view of whom we are, where we have come from and what we are becoming. The mysterious realm of spirituality is a never ending source of expansive thought, experience and expression.
There are so many ideas of interconnectedness – how to look at ourselves as spirit beings as we become more and more aware through scientific experimentation and examination of the world around us. We are now willing to experiment with spiritual realities and explore meditation – new thought which is actually old thought coming round again as well as many other modalities of healing and ways of looking at what exactly reality may be, even if it is completely different than we’d ever thought it might be. We are in this meditation reaching into the realm self expansion. Finding out who we may be as soulspirits – out of the body and in it. As we link to the world within through spiritual exploration we each come to the discovery of elemental truths, those truths are then again continually changing. We would like to believe that our truths are permanent - a constant that we can always rely upon. But that is not the truth. All is ever changing. Our ability to be comfortable with that idea and the changes themselves will denote our ability to live happy self-realized lives.
As Einstein said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; It is the source of all true art and science.” and I would add -- the source of all that is our sense of self as a spiritual being living its experience of life to the fullest.
The purpose of the guided meditation to follow is – to bring into actuality the crystallization of your individual spirituality – nothing confined to the views of one particular way of thinking but a view that is entirely your own and completely expansive as you integrate more and more ideas and realities into your truth. There will be similarities to the beliefs of others but your truth is the only one that will carry you to your own soul’s knowing. And to know your soul self - free within it, creating a loving expression of the self in every moment – every internal and external experience of the will of heaven fulfilling its present incarnation on earth filled with its own crystalline core expressly suited for life in the coming age of enlightenment.


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