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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Colleen's Reiki Radio Interview!

Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Colleen's Meditation
Radio Interview!

Colleen's Meditation and Instructional CD's

CD Testimonials

"I was so excited when you put out your CD's.  I can feel your Joyful Energy through the sound of your voice!  Just listening to one of your meditations fills me with the Peace to accomplish the rest of my day's activities. You rock." Fiona

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Meditation and Instructional CD's

Releasing Resistance Transformational Meditation CD by Colleen Helgerson.

Releasing Resistance
Transformational Meditation

This meditation will support you through sacred space and divine love as it takes you easily to heal all self-sabotage and fear based responses to life situations and relationships.

You will become aware of patterns, behaviors and beliefs that you no longer want and will construct new healthy replacements.

Begin now to reveal and empower you brilliant light - your real truth - your divine connection.

This meditation can be done during the day or as you fall asleep.


Empowered States, Awake & Asleep

Empowered States ~ Awake & Asleep
Morning & Night Meditations

Living Your Highest Potential Restorative Sleep & Purposeful Days

Living in your Highest Potential by using the night meditation which allows you to call forth your most effective - strongest - most vibrant self. You will be able to use the dream state as a powerful healer.

Wake up each morning and embrace life to its fullest living life in the light of heaven on earth with the morning meditation.

Soothing music during and at end of the Night Meditation brings comfort as you drift easily into resful sleep.

Letting Go Of The Past, Calling To The Future

Letting Go Of The Past
Calling To The Future

Manifest the Life you Really Want With Purpose as a
co-creator With the Divine Source

Manifest the future you really want to live.

Two powerful meditation which can be done back to back or individually - channeled from the Akashic Record.

You will be held in loving light where tranquility exists, supports and comforts you. Here you will uncover your divine self - bringing it into the light of day as thefearful ego self finds peace.


Discovering Meditation -- Tools to Develop a Meditative Practice. An instructional and interactive guide to the development of your connection to a state of meditation.

Discovering Meditation Tools to Develop a Meditative Practice. An instructional and interactive guide to the development of your connection to contentment though a state of meditation. $15

Meditation is a vitally important part of our energetic lives. Now that we’ve admitted that we are more that just physical beings our expansion into the spiritual parts of ourselves takes on a new flavor ~ a new importance.

When beginning the practice of meditation we are often confronted by obstacles. This collection of tools guides us gently into alignment with the state of being needed to enjoy and find enrichment through meditation.

Each person finds there connection via different means many respond best to sounds - others through a posture, breathing, silence or guided imagery. Explore your own connection by working with the many tools contained on this helpful CD.


Gentle Peace Within Guided Visual Imagery Meditation CD by Colleen Helgerson.

A Gentle Peace Within - Guided Imagery CD For Letting Go Of Tension And Stress - $15

Actively Releasing Tension and Stress  --- Allowing joy and happiness to become a blessing and a reality.

The physical body stores the stress we create through self defeating and self-love denying beliefs, emotions and thoughts. Release of this tension allows a person to reach a meditative state that brings balance and comfort into the physical, mental and emotional levels of existence.

  • an introduction to releasing stress
  • Active Releasing
  • Meditation to facilitate and reinforce a Gentle Peace Within

Testimonial -- Inspirational and soothing.  You are amazing! Thanks Kim Krapfl  :)

Positive Connections CD by Colleen Helgerson.

Positive Connections -$15

Changing our focus is the only way we change our lives.


One – Positive connections created within each Chakra The physical being that we are, is expressed fully through empowering experiences. We allow those experiences to take root in the Chakra System the introduction of that which we desire to create.

Two – Positive connections within the Gridwork of Thought What and whom do we think we are? When our thoughts and beliefs about the self are in alignment with the reality we wish to live within, we are actually LIVING!

Three – Peace on Earth - Next we go to the outer world and our part in the creation of Peace on Earth. Blending our energies with all of creation brings balance to the world and how we live in it.

The Sound of the Spirit by Jim Earles and Colleen Helgerson - Healing Tools from Kundalini Yoga.

The Sound of the Spirit $15
By Jim Earles and Colleen Helgerson
Healing Tools from Kundalini Yoga.

Join us in developing a mantra practice, using sacred sounds of the universe to initiate personal growth & transformation!

Chanting mantras in an ancient language rather than English opens up a unique and powerful vibrational quality. 

Even just listening to a mantra can be a powerful aid to meditation and simple relaxation. 

Let the joyful expression of the mantras link your consciousness to a receptive state filled with happiness and abundant love.
    Mantras include:
  • Open to receptivity – connection with the higher self.
  • Open the chakras to bring you prosperity, creativity, good luck and protection.
  • Open and balance all of the chakras, initiates the kundalini energy within you, and strengthen your conscious connection to your own soul.
  • An ideal remedy for stress and negativity, a powerful balancing effect on the brain, clearing away negative thoughts and habit patterns while simultaneously planting the seeds for new, spiritually-fulfilling patterns.
  • The most powerful Kundalini Yoga mantra for healing -- heal yourself, someone else,  or the entire planet.
  • Removes fear, anxiety, depression, phobias and bestows victory upon you.
  • a joyful mantra - a powerful way to release phobias, fears and traumatic thoughts from the past.

Aura Maintenance for Lightworkers and everyone else too!

Aura Maintenance for Lightworkers

and Everyone Else Too! $15

The intent of this Guided Meditation is to clear negative emotions and unhealthy thought patterns. As we move through our daily lives we connect at subtle levels with the energetic signatures of many people, situations & places -- the residual energy of these encounters can often remain with us.

This meditation carries the participant to a level where release and healing can take place, bringing balance, harmony and a sense of protection.

As we heal ourselves and interact with the healing experiences of others, we are raising the vibration of the earth and every person on it.

 Who would want this CD - Everyone - Each day we are bombarded by energetic influences - this deeply freeing meditation guided by angelic influences - rising from the loving field of energy known as the Akashic Record brings the individual to their soul's light and the harmonic balance of a joyful universe. Especially useful to those of us who work with energy.

By Your Side Reiki Level One - Just like taking the teacher home with you!

By Your Side Reiki Level One $15

Just like taking a teacher home with you!

~Full Level One Practice Session – a guided instruction in the use of Reiki Energy – not just the major chakras! In this complete walk through we will address the bodies organs, major muscles and joints.

~Gain Confidence in working with your newly acquired skills.

~A strong grounding and centering meditation whenever you need it – which can be more often than you think.

~Self Healing builds your energy system and enhances life experience. A great daily practice.

~ Reiki is also known as the Art of Inviting Happiness

~ Building poise and self-assuredness is the primary purpose for an Exploration into Reiki

Who would want this CD - anyone who has taken Reiki One. Anyone who is considering taking Reiki Classes and wants a view into what Reiki and Energywork are all about. (Guided Session and Self Healing) Anyone who has felt ungrounded or off balanced in anyway(Grounding and Centering Exercise).  Usui Reiki Teachers who would like to reinforce class work for the benefit of their students.

Usui Reiki Teachers -- Add this CD to your class giving students a sense of security as they begin their study of Reiki. Teacher Rates Available  - call or email Colleen for pricing.

By Your Side Reiki Level Two - Just like taking the teacher home with you!

By Your Side Reiki Level Two $15

Just like taking a teacher home with you!

This instructional CD guides the new Practitioner through a session (with or without a client on the table) until they are secure within their own expression as a Reiki Person. This is far beyond the major chakras reaching into the healing vibration expressed by each part of the physical being.

~Gain Self-Confidence as you expand your abilities as a Reiki Practitioner

~Revisit materials as often as you choose to reinforce your knowledge of how energy works and why energy would be held in diverse parts of the body.

~Building poise and self-assuredness is the primary purpose of this Exploration into the use of Reiki Energy

Testimonial -- I was really excited when you offered the CD's for Reiki One and Two.  I purchased both of them and will be giving a Reiki Level One CD to my sister for her birthday (I need to purchase one for her).  Both CD's have been very helpful.  As a Reiki Level Two Student of yours this really helped my confidence level with the step by step instructions and information regarding the chakras.  Just like having you there!  The Cd's give me a focus for meditation and self healing as well.  Relaxing and listening is so much better then trying to read the information and practice.  Thank you so much!  Just what I needed! Mollie Lego Rockford, IL

Who would want this CD - anyone who has taken Reiki Two. Anyone who has taken Reiki classes of any level and wants to revisit what the instructor shared with them or find additional views presented by Colleen. This presentation walks you through a complete reiki session step by detailed step bringing the listener understanding of the dynamic resource that is reiki healing. Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki Teachers -- Add this CD to your class - giving students a sense of security as they begin their Reiki Practice. Teacher Rates Available – call or email Colleen for pricing.


Meditative Massage – True Relaxation

Meditative Massage – True Relaxation   $15

This Guided Mediation is great for relaxation in any setting.

You can be lying on your bed, reclining in your favorite chair or on the massage table with your choice of therapist.

  • Peaceful Guidance into a Meditative State
  • A long pleasant Musical Interlude (tracked to allow you to vary length)
  • Returning to present time through Positive Statements to carry with you joyfully into your day

Who would want this CD - Anyone and Everyone who wants to Relax with our without the addition of massage or reiki.

Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioners add this CD to a treatment (letting the client take it home with them) or as part of a package including products all related to relaxation or meditation. Bulk purchase rates available.

Shipping: All of the CD's are available for $15 each - shipping and handling additional fee. Payments are made through a Secure PayPal Shopping Cart - you don't need to have a PayPal account, just a credit card. (Major Credit Cards only).

Notice: Orders outside of the U.S. will be shipped with the addition of actual shipping expence plus $1.00 handling fee -- order by emailing Colleen directly - you will be sent a Pay Pal bill reflecting the total including shipping. (see email at bottom of page) You will be sent an email stating the shipping charges prior to billing and shipment. Thank You.

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