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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Schedule of Classes with Colleen Helgerson RMT
in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki™
& Akashic Records Intuitive Training

Shamanism Classes listed on the Events Page

It is my mission to bring those who have the desire and commitment -- to each become their own best guide and healer, fulfilling the lives of all who long to be free in their hearts and minds – free enough to trust their intuition -- their higher self and follow that guidance to become a self-empowered individual.

Scroll down for detailed class descriptions ..... If you wish to sponsor a class in your area please scroll to the bottom of this page for details. All payments are final no refunds. Signing up for a class or a session is a commitment to yourself and the universe to carry through to completion the learning and promise to spiritual well-being.

Register and Pay securely through PayPal

Lodestar Akasha

Becoming an Akashic Reader

Attend In-person or as Webinar Participant

This class brings into focus a unique approach to working in the Akashic Records

Join with your Higherself, the Masters & Teachers, Angels, Guides, Departed Loved Ones and the Ascendend Masters as will as other beings of support -- helping yourself and others through verbal interaction and the creation of shifting energies amplifying the joys in life as the sorrows and struggles fade into unimportance. Know the joys and freedoms of a spiritual approach to life. Working with the Angels of Healing Light & Angels of Karmic Healing.

This class replaces the "Learn to Read the Akashic Records" And offers a deeper more extensive relationship with work in the Akashic Field. Those who have previously taken the"Learn to Read the Akashic Records" class can retake this class for the Refresher Rate of $50.00.

Details Click for more information.

Sunday November 4th, 2018
Dubuque, Iowa


Call for further information before signup

563 - 599- 2823



9 a.m -4:30 p.m.

Register and Pay

LodeStar Akasha Class includes a full day of class and pre-class audio download of Finding Your ClairEssence. If you are a facebook user you will have access to a group of fellow students to practice with through a private group.

ShinJiro - HolisticAkashic Healing Class

ShinJiro Energy Healing with the guidance of the Council of Elders - ArcAngels and Ascended Master through the Akashic Record (innovative techniques not found in other healing modalities).


Level One

Available as a Video Webinar

Details $125.00

Register and Pay

In-person or as a Webinar

Prerequisite Lodestar Akasha or Learn to Read the Akashic Records

Reiki classes helpful but not required.

Level Two

Available as a Video Webinar


Register and Pay

In-person or as a Webinar

You will be stepping deeper into the realm of the Akashic Records where healing takes place on many levels of existance and experience.

Wonderful Personal Healing as well as extending healing to others.

Prerequisites: Lodestar Akasha or Learn to Read the Akashic Records and ShinJiro Level One



ShinJiro HolisicAkashic Healing

We each have our own place in the Akashic Field -- one as healer and one as recipient of healing light. The Akasha is a place where light and sound combine and the essence of our truth resides. ShinJiro (celesstial chi) brings balance to the vibration of the union of spirit, soul and human self. We work in the first level with multiple concepts of union -- on of which is the facilitating alignment of divine masculine and Divine Feminine -- to bring the highest levels of usefulness in physical reality of both the presence of action and love. Through symbols, hand placements and additional chakras there is a connecting of the work we do in energetic form with the powerful healing space within the Akashic Record. The beings of light that reside within the Akasha will be helping you as you work with your clients. The akasha is here to help you in the creation of the self-realization of a future, in which your purpose as a healer is expressed and fulfilled. The memories of who you have been, in past lives, as a healer and the recognition of who you will be is stored in the Akashic Record which Brings us each to the ultimate truth -- our oneness with source enegy. Colleen Helgerson



Usui Reiki Certification Classes

Reiki One & Two Certification - Details $125.00

Reiki Two Certification - Details $175.00

Call if interested

Advanced Reiki 3A- Master Practitioner Certification - Details Sat. Oct. 20th $225.00

Call if interested

Usui Reiki Master Teacher 3B Certification - Details $600.00

By invitation only - send request if intersted.

"Colleen's classes are so worth taking. For me they have had such positive impact on my everyday life. Reiki is such a wonderful experience. Everyone should try it!." Cathy Wienen

Karuna Reiki™ Practitioner I & II Certification Spring 2019 -- Call if interested Details $500.00 for the two days together.

Karuna Reiki™ Master Teacher Certification -- Call if interested Details $375.00

"After experiencing and loving my personal Usui practice of 10 years I thought I'd try Karuna too. It blew me away! It is such a beautiful and powerful energy and has absolutely elevated my overall Reiki experiences and practice, I know you will love it too! I cannot recommend these classes enough." Tamara Maury


Finding Your ClairEssence

Examining the Intutitve Senses

Audio Download Class

  • How is it that intuitives, receive information? Through the Clair-Essences -- Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience etc. etc.
  • Can anyone do this? We all have intuition we often just don't recognize it or perhaps don't realize what is happening. Or are afraid of what might come to us so we keep ourselves in the dark. With knowledge we loose the fear aspect, gain perspective and with practice we gain skill.
  • Every insight given through intuition is here to support us and help us to be happy and free from struggle.
  • Why would I want to take this class? When you become more aware of the ways that information coming from your intuitive self -- you will become more aware and develop receptivity.
  • What will we learn through the class (download)? I will discribe each clair-essence and how it works. Examples will be given and simple developmental exercises offered.

Available only as an audio download

The perfect class for those who are new to the world of psychic/intuitive work. This is a great class for basic quality information regarding the ways in which we receive information from the otherside of the veil.

Available as an Audio Download $25.00


Register and Pay for any class or session securely through pay pal. Please call phone number at the bottom of this page to schedule a time for your session prior to payment.

Class FAQs

  • all classes are from 9am - 4:30pm  unless otherwise stated
  • wear comfortable clothing 
  • bring a lunch 
  • Preregistration and prepayment
    • required through this website or call (563) 599-2823
  • all class fees are non-refundable

New classes and new schedules are being created all the time both in Dubuque, IA and other cities --  if you are interested in classes but aren't available for scheduled dates, please contact Colleen by phone or email below.

If you have previously taken one of these classes with me and want to refresh your memory you can take that class (full day any level) again for just $50 this fee includes the materials packet but does not included any CD's (providing there is space available in the class.

Lodestar Akasha Class - Unlock Your True Potential

An Akashic Reading is the exploration of the souls’ signature vibration. When working with a practitioner the two of you interact with the energy of the your records – you both enter a sacred space where you become aware of the energetic patterns of your thoughts, words and actions; our interactions with the all of creation.

Together we find ways to become aware of ourselves through the language of issues and experiences. An Akashic Reading can shift beliefs and create healing in the emotional, mental and physical body. The study of quantum physics explains scientifically what spiritual explorers have known forever – our energy follows a path toward that which we focus upon – to heal we must refocus our attention – the shifting of this energy through exploration in the Akashic Record can move us more easily into a new alignment with our True Self.

All that has been written upon the Akasha – has been placed there by our souls, waiting for us to use its presence as a vehicle to see ourselves as the limitless beings we have always been.

An Akashic Records class is a journey into self discovery. A deep - solid expansion of your own intuitive awareness. Developing skills to recognize and trust your connection with the guidance offered by your own True Self.  Awaken to spiritual awareness – inner peace - release blockages to happiness - resolve inner and outer conflict - understand relationships.

Class consists of full day  -  a Unique approach to working with the Ascended Masters and the Angels of healing light -- an attunement (opening to the energy of the records), practice with others in your records & theirs.

Cost $300.00 -- Prepayment and preregistration required. For more information contact Colleen by phone or email below. Clair-Essence Audio Class and Essential Base Knowledge of the Akashic Records Audio Class included.

Testimonial -

Thank you for your workshop. I feel like I gained so much confidence in my ability to see. It was so helpful going into each other's records and then you commenting along the way, like a narration along with the museum tour. Thanks again for your great mix of left and right brain presentation. I really enjoyed your workshop style. Much warmth, Adina

2 months after class .... I feel like you have given me the last piece of faith in this type of work that I needed to truly believe and stop second guessing.  I have been doing  a fair amount of Akashic Readings ... It has gone very well, with some great validation during the actual readings and after. I really feel that after the Akashic Workshop with you, I just believe, period. There is something about you that seems so normal and spiritually connected at the same time. This is the kind of role model that suited my one last need  - "I can be normal and spiritually connected at the same time." The amount of time you spent discussing this topic was really invaluable for me. Thanks again, Adina

Nearly a year after class ... Things are continuing to open in magical way for me, life is lovely and I feel held and guided by so much strength and clarity. Adina

Reiki One - A firm energetic base for
everyday life and the work we do in the world

We each desire a solid base from which to build our lives. For me that base has been the connection to spirit I have found through the grounding and healing of the ancient art of Reiki. Through the development of an inner understanding of our connectedness we bring confidence and vitality to our lives and work.

Class consists of learning the Reiki basics (the who, what, where, and why's) and prepares the student to begin self-healing on all levels of existence, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Cost $125. Includes the Reiki One CD For more information contact Colleen by phone or email below. Register and Pay

Reiki Two - The Expansion Of Your Connection

Expand the amount of energy you can utilize for your own personal healing or when working with another person. Symbols and Mantras used to enhance the energy and to do distance healing, developing stillness within. Working with additional chakras, etc. Prerequisite Reiki One. Cost $175. Includes the Reiki Two CD For more info contact Colleen by phone or email below. Register and Pay

Advanced Reiki also called Master Practitioner

ART or 3A

This training is for those who wish to deepen their healing abilities - exploring healing through intuitive guidance. This level brings the master level attunement to those who do not wish to teach. Additional symbols are taught for balancing and making the healing more durable in nature. Includes - the healing attunement process, crystal grid work, pendulum work, energy integration, energy clearing, divine presence meditation, adding crystals, essential oils etc. to your practice. Cost $225. Prerequisite Reiki One and Two certification. For more information contact Colleen by phone or email below. Register and Pay

Master Teacher Classes are also available for both Usui and Karuna Reiki™ through an application process. Call or email for information

Karuna Reiki Practitioner Level 1 and 2

Practitioner Levels one and two are a step beyond ART. (you must have a Usui Reiki ART or 3A to take Karuna Reiki™)

The two levels are taught together over two days, the practitioner levels include two attunements and eight treatment symbols - the symbols are more specific in their usage than the Usui symbols. The Karuna Reiki™ energy has a more defined feeling and heals more quickly, reaching deeper. The symbols connect directly with the Higher Self and work at the soul level, connecting with the energy of guides that assist us with very specific healing processes. Cost $500 Classes scheduled via appointment and interview. For more information contact Colleen by phone or email below. Register and Pay

ShinJiro Akashic Energywork

ShinJiro  "to believe"

Balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine Within Us

Believing in ourselves in a way that brings forward our very best self.

ShinJiro has been developed by Colleen Helgerson and a group of Master Practitioners over a period of years,through an ongoing working relationship between a variety of energy healing techniques to form a unique methodology while accessing the Akashic Record. Additional yantras, mantras and techniques have presented themselves through this work and provide the practitioner with tools to shift energy and manifest change - especially useful in shifting, removing and healing emotional energy and thought patterns brought into this life or recreated from pastlife and family line experiences. This form of energy work can be used by an individual practitioner or as a group of practitioners working in concert - one on one with the client or through distance work. You will be working with your Angels, Teachers, The Ascendend Masters and ArchAngels.

To qualify for this class you must have taken the LodeStar Akasha or "Learn to Read the Akashic Records Class.

Register & Pay Cost $300 - or $125 for Level One and $175.00 for Level Two - these classes can be taken back to back over a two day period (if offered) or separartely.

Interested in receiving Reiki, Akashic or ShinJiro training in exchange for organizing and hosting a class?

Sponsor a class and receive 10% per student discount toward your tuition.

10 students 100% of your class paid - 6 students 60% of your class paid.

    Requirements for the exchange of all or a portion of your class tuition for class sponsorship are:(May have other requirements when outside the Dubuque, Ia area).

  • Recruit and register 6 or more students in addition to yourself
    • minimum of 6 students for discount availability.
    • this requirement will vary with distance from Dubuque, Ia.
  • Prepayment of all students (non-refundable) must be made through this website.
  • You must provide an adequate space to have the class

- discuss requirements with Colleen.

  • You must be the contact person for directions, etc.
  • I will be available for questions about the contents of the class itself.
  • You must provide a comfortable place for Colleen to stay the night before and night of the class for classes more than 1.5 hr. drive from Dubuque, IA


All of the work I do is effective in promoting health and healing through alternative holistic means it may not be sufficient intervention for some health related issues or concerns. Reiki and other holistic alternatives may accelerate healing, please work closely with your physician to monitor your need for medications etc. Information contained in this site is not given or intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The owner(s), developer(s), and maintainer(s) are not engaged in rendering professional or medical advice as an individual you must take responsibility for your own health and life. I retain the right to refuse to teach or provide a session to any client or student if at anytime I believe it is not in my higherst good or their highest good to do so.

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